We can provide:

  • Handle on-site safety needs

  • Qualified Atmospheric Tester to handle any atmospheric needs and may provide suggestion of an alternate solution

  • Hole Watches and Fire Watches

  • Safety consultations

  • Competent persons to inspect fall protection equipment

  • Trenching and excavation services

  • Contractor audits for companies that utilize contractors that are not employed by their company

  • Licensed Coast Guard Captains

  • Black Water Dive Teams


We can provide:

  • Armed or unarmed security for site protection

  • Safety/ risk assessments using the all hazards approach

  • Training for a select number of security operations

  • Qualified US Coast Guard Facility Security Officers

Storm Services

We can provide:

  • Insurance assessor teams, wire guards, security and safety on camp sites for utility companies

  • Contractor audits for companies on location

  • Operation in the continental U.S.



Raven Security, Safety & Storm Services LLC. currently has the capabilities to assist your company with any safety, security, or storm service. Our current mission is behavioral based. We have the philosophy that having a behavioral based workplace is better than a compliance-based workplace. We try to help employees understand safe work practices so that no one gets hurt even when we’re no longer on-site.  In addition, everyone with Raven is a valid TWIC holder and have proper certifications for any and every job that might be worked.






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