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Raven Security Safety and Storm Services LLC

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Our current mission is behavioral based. We have the philosophy that having a behavioral based workplace is better than a compliance-based workplace. We instill the processes and procedures necessary to make the workplace function like second nature. With this, employees understand safe work practices to protect themselves and others even when we’re no longer on-site.  In addition, everyone with Raven is a valid TWIC holder and have proper certifications for any and every job that might be worked.




  • Handle on-site safety needs

  • Qualified Atmospheric Tester to handle any atmospheric needs and may provide suggestion of an alternate solution

  • Hole and Fire Watches

  • Safety consultations

  • Contact us for full list of services

  • Drug screening

  • COVID Decon technicians

  • Insurance assessor teams, wire guards, security and safety on camp sites for utility companies

  • Contractor audits for companies on location

  • Utility Safety Technician

  • Operation in the continental U.S.

  • Armed or unarmed security for site protection

  • Safety/ risk assessments using the all hazards approach

  • Training for a select number of security operations

  • Qualified US Coast Guard Facility Security Officers

  • Background Checks

  • Confined space rescue

  • Rope rescue

  • Pre-plans and emergency action plans on standby

  • Fully integrated teams to provide quick response

  • Top of the line rescue gear and equipment

  • Rescue equipment available for purchase

Storm Relief Work
  • Safety

  • Industrial Active Shooter

  • Man Lift

  • Forklift

  • Scissor Lift

  • Crane

  • Reasonable Suspicion

  • Hazwoper

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Drone Services
  • FAA Certified

  • Property Survey

  • Surveillance

  • Search and rescue

  • Thermal imaging

  • Tower inspection



Industrial Rescue
Crane Operator
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Call us for a quote: (601) 528-1746

For inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: (601) 528-1746,
message us on Facebook or fill out the following form. If you want to see
our Facebook page just click the Facebook Icon at the bottom of the webpage.


Jeffrey Rogers

Tel: (601) 528-1746

Mike Williams

Tel: (228) 669-0303

To apply for a job with Raven,
please send a cover letter with your resume and application to:

Application for Employment

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